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The Frosty Fox is more than a typical business. We're the result of a community that pulled together to bring Grafton a world class Restaurant and Event Space.

Our History

The Legion Club was built in three stages from 1968 to 1974.  It was the brain child of George LaHaise and several other Grafton leaders.   

 Past owners in addition to the legion club have included 5 local businessmen (the Riviera Club), 5 out of town businessmen (the Dakota Club) and Dennis Lessard (the Markeplace on 8th).  Suzie Corneillie owned and operated the Marketplace on 8th for the past 23 years.

The potential for economic development is very good. 

A Space Revitalized

The Grafton Events Center

The building is too large for a restaurant to support.  We’ve made efforts to reduce cost by replacing all appliances and walk in coolers and freezers.  Modern appliances, compressors and building insulation will lower cost and help to make the building sustainable.  However almost 20,000 square feet that is used only for events while the kitchen and dining room occupy just over 2,000 square feet resulting in a heavy burden as all the previous business owners have experienced.  We need a plan of support, just like Minto to maintain this building. 

 A good value.  What is having a steak house and restaurant available in Grafton worth to you? 

Our Team